the 3.5% of
income tax
to Heal Association

Help us provide quality care to more cancer patients

Together we are building an innovative model whereby hundreds of thousands of cancer patients in Romania have access to the same resources, information, opportunities and treatments regardless of their financial situation or where they live.

We need you to continue our work!

According to the Tax Code, individuals have the possibility to direct 3.5% of the tax on income earned in the previous year or for a period of up to two years to a non-profit organization by filling out form 230. This is an amount that has already been deducted from your income, so there is no extra expense on your part.

If by 25 May 2021 you do not announce your wish for this 3.5% to go to a specific NGO, this money will be arbitrarily directed by the state.

Choose the Heal Association as the recipient of this amount to support our efforts for cancer patients. With your support, through our services, we can help them regain their confidence, optimism and time with their loved ones.

Your gesture will make a difference

Print form 230, add your CNP, sign it and send it to The original either you submit it in person or you send it by mail, by registered letter, to the ANAF office to which you belong with domicile or you send it by mail to the address Str. Costache Aristia nr. 7 sect. 1 Bucharest for us to submit it to ANAF until 25 May 2021.

The tax details you need to fill in for us are: HEAL Association, Tax identification code: 42464650, Bank account: RO71 RNCB 0087 1684 0088 0001

If you need help filling in form 230, please contact us at SECRETARIAT@ASOCIATIAHEAL.RO