Romania provides free medical assistance and care services similar to those available to Romanian citizens, for a period of 90 days, if the entry into Romania meets the legal conditions, respectively, based on the biometric passport. Romanian state hospitals offer free medical care for Ukrainian refugees.

Private entities

Regina Maria, Sanador, Medicover also provide medical services to refugees.

Regina Maria


Medicover (comes to the aid of refugee Ukrainian mothers with free pediatric consultations and pregnancy monitoring – see clinics here ). 

Medicover provides a unique number from which refugee women in Ukraine can obtain information: +4021 796 7391.This number is answered by a Ukrainian-speaking operator and five English-speaking operators.


Peditel offers free pediatric medical care. Contact them at 0040.312.272.277 and their hours are 8AM to 8PM. Starting March 20, 2022, their schedule will be non-stop.


The Association for Emotional Support and Psychotherapy offers psychological counseling services to refugees from Ukraine who are staying in Bucharest, in Romanian or English. Contact them through Mrs. Adela Serghiescu at 0040.754.307.496

IntellPsy & Psychological

Profiler Academy by Ion DUVAC, Autism Voice and the Romanian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy offer free psychological support in Ukrainian. Contact them through the official websites at the links above.


Telios offering free telemedicine consultations for all Ukrainian refugees in Romania, in Ukrainian at 0040.373.787.805, free line.